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Home Field Directions


FOOTBALL--Potential for Weather related delays

Games can be played in the rain with the exception of lighting being present in the area. Each home field is equipped with lightning detectors that will activate with the presence of lightning in a specified range. Games will be suspended if the detector activates and resume once the "all clear" sounds.

The home fields will determine if a game is cancelled due to bad weather.


NOTE: Please read the NTFL rules governing rainouts. The NTFL rules can be found in the DOCUMENTS section of this website or WWW.NTFL.ORG


a) If a game is cancelled due to, weather or extenuating circumstances, it will be made up on the Sunday immediately following the Saturday the game was originally scheduled. It is the sole responsibility of the home team association to schedule the make-up game for that Sunday, if the home association fails to schedule the game for Sunday the home team will forfeit the game. If the game cannot be made up on that Sunday due to weather or extenuating circumstances, it will be counted as a tie with .5 being recorded towards the end of season record. The home team local association may utilize another NTFL local association fields as an alternate field location, if necessary, to complete the game(s).