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Flag Football (K-2nd)

Introduce your K-2nd graders to football

Flag football offers a safe and constructive way to teach the game. Learn the basics of football, teamwork, and compete to help build a foundation prior to putting on the pads.

GOALS FOR Flag Football


  • Safe and fun introduction to the game of football
  • Basic offensive and defensive terms and schemes
  • Concepts of an athletic stance and alignment
  • Competing within a set of defined rules

As well as: 

  • Accepting coaching and instruction
  • Being part of the team!
  • Gaining friendships with other players

For the Next Level: 

  • As the season goes on, players will begin to understand the importance of many details within the game: 
    • pursuit angles
    • how to get open while route-running
    • and more
  • Flag pulling offers a unique muscle training that will carry on to full tackle. This training is as simple as the basics of body positioning and tracking a ball carrier. Flag pulling offers more advanced body control benefits as well (example - a defensive back's arm movements in a pass breakup situation). 
  • The NTFL requires the use of proper equipment like mouthpieces. MP Youth Football also recommends wearing 'soft shell' helmets. Players will start to get used to wearing and caring for their equipment. 

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