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Online Ticket Sales Closed

This is a great event that allows Mustang Panther Youth Football and other organizations from the North Texas Football League (NTFL) to scrimmage at Cowboys Stadium.  We are extremely excited to have this on the schedule for 2021.  

Tickets are required by all individuals (over the age of 4) entering the stadium including Coaches, Players, Cheerleaders and Dazzlers.  Tickets need to be purchased in advance in order to benefit Mustang Panther Youth Football and Cheer.  

Your ticket includes a great seat to watch the scrimmage and a self guided tour of the stadium including locker rooms, media room and much more.  Please purchase tickets today!!!

This is Mustang Panther Youth Football and Cheer's largest fundraiser of the year.  Bring your family and friends to this fun event and at the same time support our programs.

Schedule of Events 2021

  9:30 AM K/1 Flag MP K/1 Lake Cities K/1 Black ATT Stadium [B]
  11:30 AM 2nd Flag MP 2nd Blue Lantana 2nd ATT Stadium [B]
  11:30 AM 2nd Flag Lake Cities 2nd MP 2nd Red ATT Stadium [A]
  1:10 PM 3rd Grade Lantana 3rd Black MP 3rd Red ATT Stadium [B]
  1:10 PM 3rd Grade MP 3rd Blue Lantana 3rd Silver ATT Stadium [A]
  2:20 PM Cheer Mustang Panther Cheer    
  3:45 PM 4th Grade Lantana 4th MP 4th ATT Stadium [A]
  5:30 PM 5th Grade MP 5th Bobcats 5th Blue ATT Stadium [A]
  7:50 PM 6th Grade Lake Cities 6th Green MP 6th Red ATT Stadium [A]
  7:50 PM 6th Grade MP 6th Blue Lake Cities 6th White ATT Stadium [B]


  • Tickets are $25
  • EVERY PERSON that enters the door 5+ needs a ticket, including coaches and players
  • Coaches & players will receive a FREE ticket from MP
  • Coaches, football players, and cheerleaders need to sign an event waiver…please work with your team managers and coaches to complete them in advance of the event. They are also attached at the top of this page for printing. 


  • Parking – Lot 10   
  • No charge for parking
  • Entry through Gate K
  • Doors will open at 7am, games will begin immediately at 7:30am
  • NO CLEATS upon entry, please have players wear slides and change into cleats once they have entered the stadium
  • Tickets – Every person coming into the stadium over the age of 4 yrs old, must have a ticket in their hand, this includes coaches, cheer, and players
  • K / 1st Coaches – Please make sure you coordinate meeting with your team outside of the stadium, the morning rush once doors open is always the most chaotic and poses the most challenges for parents / teams to get in / get settled  and be ready to play

Entrance Restrictions / MISC

  • Please no food or drinks, concessions will be open all day
  • Bags and water bottles for players will be allowed. THERE WILL NOT BE WATER PROVIDED ON THE FIELD
  • Cameras are permitted but no lenses over 4” in length will be allowed
  • Full Concessions will be open from 9am – 7pm
  • RE-ADMITTANCE Will be allowed
  • You will be stamped upon entry and that will allow you to go in / out if you have children at varying age levels


  • Once inside the venue, you’ll have the option to sit in the club level on the north side or in the lower level north side
  • If Aunts / Uncles / Gigi’s / papa’s want to avoid the anxiety of the lower level, please encourage them to sit in the club level
  • We will have volunteers inside the terminal to help guide you to the best seats to watch your children play based on your field number
  • Seating is open at sections  C132-138 and 232-238
    • Example:
      • FIELD #1 Seating: Sections 133 - 134, 232 - 234
      • FIELD #2 Seating: Sections 135 - 136, 235-236
      • FIELD #3 Seating: Sections 137 - 138, 237 – 238    

Player Drop-Off  / Pick Up

  • Players, cheerleaders and coaches will meet at the inside upper level entrance area of the stadium,  they will then go with their coaches through the double glass doors and down the ramp to field

  • Players, cheerleaders and coaches will exit field the same way and meet parents at the entrance of the double glass doors on upper level

Field Admittance

  • Only players, cheer, and coaches will be allowed on the field. All coaches must have a badge, or they will be denied access.  PLEASE DO NOT FORGET BADGES

Stadium Tours

  • The stadium will be available for self-guided tours w/ clearly marked routes 
  • You can take these at your convenience between 10 am and 6pm