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Fall Rookie Tackle (3rd)

Rookie Tackle introduces our 3rd graders to the incredible game of football

The rules for the 3rd grade teams are adjusted according to Rookie Tackle guidelines to allow our young players the opportunity to experience football on an age-appropriate level.  Players will be in full pads and will be taught the basic rules, fundamentals, and skills needed to enjoy the game. Teamwork, safety, and positive coaching will be the foundation created within this division so that these young players and their families will be able to enjoy football for years to come.

If there are any questions/concerns with the level of competition involved, please check out the NTFL site as well as game film from the previous year:



  • Basic offensive and defensive terms and schemes
  • Proper footwork (passing, running, blocking, etc.)
  • Proper blocking techniques
  • Proper tackling technique

As well as: 

  • Gaining agility and overall athleticism
  • Experiencing what makes football so great…Being part of the team!
  • Gaining friendships with other players


  • All of these modifications are meant to help facilitate learning the game and introduce your player to football with structured format designed for development.
  • There are 8 players on the field for each team, so 8v8 game play. 
  • Offense line consists of 3 down lineman and the Defense will start with 2 down linemen. The remaining Defensive players must start 4 yards from the line of scrimmage. This allows the game play to slow down and the play to develop, further focusing on learning the game. 
  • No blitzing the A-gap (directly to the left and right of the center).
  • The field is modified (60 yards by 35 yards) 
  • There are no kickoffs or punting. These are taught at the older groups.

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