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Full Tackle (4-6th)

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  • Full 11 on 11 positions and full offensive/defensive line play
  • Begin to advance both offensive and defensive awareness to prepare for football at the Middle school+ level
  • Continued focus on footwork (passing, running, blocking, etc.)
  • Continued focus on blocking techniques
  • Continued focus tackling technique

As well as: 

  • Gaining agility and overall athleticism as players begin to grow and develop
  • Full 11 on 11 huddles, play calling, and blocking schemes,
  • Full 11 on 11 alignment rules (formations, motion, and personnel groupings)


  • 4th - 6th grade football is the first introduction into special teams (kicking and punting). These situations are modified for safety but are a part of the game unlike the 3rd-Rookie season.

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